ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ Shy Luna
Hello, my name is M. Darcy, though most people call me Luna or just Darcy.
What can I write about myself?
... I enjoy reading and listening to music...
Big secret:
I am an otome gamer (although I still consider myself a newbie). I particularly like those from Voltage Inc. They're so enjoyable.
~I tend to post or reblog otome related things.
Thanks for stopping by ^^
(this blog will contain spoilers)
~Feel free to ask me anything.
***Please do NOT repost or take any o f the CGs that I post without asking, and always give credit***Thank you

★Love Letter from Thief X - New Special coming soon!

What turned cute boys into master thieves?

~Who indeed, (I would like to thank that person) ^^

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