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Hello, my name is M. Darcy, though most people call me Luna or just Darcy.
What can I write about myself?
... I enjoy reading and listening to music...
Big secret:
I am an otome gamer (although I still consider myself a newbie). I particularly like those from voltage inc. They're so enjoyable.
~I tend to post or reblog otome related things.
Thanks for stopping by ^^
(this blog will contain spoilers)
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☆★New App Release Info★☆

August isn’t over yet, but we couldn’t wait to announce this:
A new app is coming in September!!

Maybe right now you’re enjoying reading about “firsts” in our newest app, First Love Diaries.

But in the next app, you’ll experience your “last” love - the person you’re in love with for the rest of your life.

What makes this app different from the others?
We’re about to reveal that, bit by bit!
Please look forward to it♡

I love you Voltage Inc


We love you too lunanovastar! But…


…do you love us more than the men in our games?

♘Be My Princess 2♘-Now Available-

Aslan Mafdir is the Prince of Shaharazal, and 2nd in line for the throne.
Your brand new prince, Aslan’s Main Story and Sequel are out now!


Be My Princess For GREE (JP)
3rd Anniversary Event~ Keith Route

Keith wearing a cute apron, my wish has been fulfilled.

*trying so hard not too laugh* Screw it.. *falls on the floor laughing*

I’m sorry Yamato…or should I say Tomi.

*Wipes away tears*

Again sorry.

~Even if he has erased it from his memory I will always have this to remember it.





Soubou Sangokushi inner jacket illustrations

Be My Princess 2

Prince Aslan’s Main Route CGs

uhh. the new charas in s2 are actually the same person. its not that hard to see, is it? :P

Sorry, I guess you could be right. ^^;

I have yet to play Minato’s proposal so haven’t met the character(s) yet.

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