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... I enjoy reading and listening to music...
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I am an otome gamer (although I still consider myself a newbie). I particularly like those from Voltage Inc. They're so enjoyable.
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Free! :: Makoto Tachibana [remake]

☆★10 Days with My Devil★☆ 

Sub Story: 5 Days a Human Shiki x Tsubasa Coming Soon!!

The guys aren’t allowed to use their powers for 5 days. If they do, they’ll fail their training…can you keep yourself from activating them??

Track: Criminale! v.1 -- Gerardo voice sample 3
Artist: cv. 緑川 光 Midorikawa Hikaru
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Gerardo’s 3rd voice sample w/transl by anon request——



These are….. wounds from where the handcuffs chafed you. They’ve gotten pretty bad, haven’t they……?

Why didn’t you say anything?

You thought you didn’t want to cause me more trouble? Don’t make  unnecessary assumptions, geez …… are you stupid?

There’s still bandages and medicine, but the disinfectant’s been completely used up.  What else can we use instead….. how about this? 

For now we’ll use wine, because it’s also alcohol-based. I’ll apply it.

Hey, stay still. It could get worse if it’s not properly disinfected.  Aaa, there’s not a lot, just a little bit left. It’s drizzling out… nn… [sucks]

What’s that, you’re making strange noises. ……Heeeh. If it’s nothing, why are you making that face? [slurping—he’s using his mouth to apply the wine-disinfectant?!!] 

Don’t squirm, it’s punishment for not reporting this injury to me. [more sucking] 

Heheh…… that’s a nice reaction. 

Sure, sure, you’re just really offended, aren’t you?

Sousuke’s beautiful laugh. 

▼△My Forged Wedding – Coming Soon△▼

Yuta’s Season 2 Wedding Bells and Wedding Bells Epilogue are coming very soon!
Don’t miss out!


Animate tokuten sample img for KarePilo #4 by Samamiya-sensei——!

I’m guessing this is a bromide?

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I have no idea what this about My Forged Wedding but it looks like the Boys sons don’t they?
Yamato’s son, Then Yuta’s Son, Then Kuni’s Son, then Saeki’s Son and then Kyochi’s son? (I hope I spelt all their names right)

WHAT? Someone please explain this! *bites nails*

There is nothing to do with the old guys in MFW, they conversation just say thank you for keeping up with them, saying they love you and say goodbye to the player (Thought I doubt they might appear in new app) 

The new app can be translate as MFW: 7 temptations so I think it might be more mature, with new character indeed. 

Saying goodbye to the player? *cries*

*Crying* No, please don’t say goodbye. 

❝ I stay up just late enough until I am just exhausted enough that I can fall into my bed and sink into immediate slumber. Because I can’t stand lying in a bed in a dark room alone with just my thoughts for so many hours and hours. ❞

- (via psych-facts)

*regarding the new IOS 8 update

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